Blackthorn Insane Asylum

About Us

 We Are a New Clan From We Will Accept Almost Anyone Even Noobs Because Noobs Are The Future Bad-asses of the game I am The Leader Demitrius Van Reign AKA Nyarlathotep Click HERE To View His Profiles On Dead Frontier

Blackthorn's Dead frontier forum

ATTENTION WE NOW HAVE A CLAN FACEBOOK PAGE --->Blackthorn Asylum's Facebook Page <---


Blackthorn Asylum's Creed

We will Always Help One Another Even If We Are Lawful Evil, We Will Watch Each others Backs.

Save Up Ammo You Dont Need, Chances are Another Member May Need it & One Good Deed To a Fellow Blackthorn Inmate Means You Most Likely Will Get Something In Return When You Need it.

If You Can Help Another Inmate With Money, Its Understandable If You Need The Money More But a Little Helps In a Huge Way. 

Clan Rules

1.Do not Disrespect xI Nyarlathotep Ix or Barefoot Child in any way (we are your leaders and what we say goes)

2. We are your Leaders and expect to be treated as such

3. Do Not Flirt, Hit on, or harass any Female or Male Clan Members. Or any who happen to be in the Clan or clan CB Radio Chat (Unless your already dating them).

4. Clan Leaders will not loan you any weapons or armor and leaders will not take any weapons or armor for themselves, the only leader who you should donate to is xI Nyarlathotep Ix and strictly for the armory and the armory is the only one that will loan a weapon. Ask xI Nyarlathotep Ix for details.

5. IF YOU DONATE SOMETHING TO THE CLAN ARMORY, YOU WILL NOT GET IT BACK. All donations, once submitted, are property of Blackthorn Asylum and thus belong to all members. If you are kicked out then do not expect any donations you submitted back.

6. Treat other members of  Blackthorn Asylum equally.

7. Help a  member of Blackthorn Asylum out if needed.

8. No Racism 

9. Pm Nyarlathotep directly if any Clan Member Breaks a Rule or Help is Needed

10. If Any Two Clan Members Have a Problem With Each other Then Asylum Rules Say The Two Will Fight it Out With Guns Or Melee Weapons With Clan Leaders Present

11. Do Not Beg for things. Ask Once and wait for a reply


14. All members are required to give ammo they do not use to people who may need it OR to the Free Ammo Trade

Known Scammers & Clan Offenders

xRaptorx (EL KING's ALT)
Grim 36O (360 with the Letter O)
If You have been scammed or know of a Clan Rule Offender, Message xI Nyarlathotep Ix a detailed Report and if everything checks out, their name will be added to this list